We Win!!!!

(What's the deal with this photo?)

Update (16th Aug, 2001):  I had heard nothing from either ICANN or the arbitration service (nor the dentists for that matter) since submitting my response, and it had been over three months since they were supposed to reach a decision.  My domain has remained active since, and not wanting to rock the boat I didn't want to try contacting anybody to get a formal answer.  Well this evening, just before leaving work, on a whim I decided to search the ICANN web site to see if there was any reference to the case.  Lo and behold, a decision was made back in May, but for some reason I was not informed.  Who cares?  This is a great victory for the little guy against the large, multinational corporation!

For those of you following the complaint made against me by Rocky Mountain Orthodontist, to try to take RMO.COM away from me, please feel free to take a look at their complaint, my response, and the finding.

Many thanks to all the e-mails I have received in support of my response, especially to the following who kindly took the time to compose very warm and emotive responses that I was able to submit as exhibits:

If you sent me feedback and I have missed your name, I apologise for missing you from the list.  Please let me know if this is so as I have spent a number of late nights researching and compiling this and want to give credit to the friends who have supported me.